Fish Farming in Nigeria 2018

Do you want to start Fish Farming in Nigeria in 2018?. I will show you 7 Business Guide for Beginners For Free and also a perfect small scale, medium and large scale fishing business plan.

You don’t need to worry again about guidelines on how to start fish Farming. You’ve landed on the right page. Here on, Entrepreneur Lord, you will be learning the A-Z guides on how to start and run a successful fish Farming business in Nigeria.

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Before i start training you now, let me first revel an amazing secret to you below:

Important – Nigerian population is currently at 195,875,237 (One hundred and Ninety Five Million, Eight hundred and Seventy Five Thousand, Two Hundred and Thirty Seven people).

In the above mentioned population statistics, over One hundred and Fifty million Nigerians eat fishes on daily basis.

So have you seen that there’s a very large market for anyone who want’s to venture into fish Farming in Nigeria? But you must understand that there’s a whole lot of competition in fish production, however, i will teach you the exert methods to beat the competition and stand out as a Lord too.

So let’s start.. I’ll advise you to get a pen and paper because you’ll need to be writing down some tips.

Here we go;

How to start Fish Farming in Nigeria?

If you want to start a fish Farming business in Nigeria, you will need to first of all own a fishing pond.

Once you’re done with your pond construction, you can then move on the  buying, training and marketing your fishes to the right customers.

You can start your fish production business in Nigeria in three easy ways. I’ve mentioned  the easy ways below and they all depend on your capital budget.

Small Scale Fish Farming in Nigeria

Starting small isn’t bad at all. In a clear view, you’ll even understand with me that so many fish production companies around the world actually started small. Starting a small scale fish production business can actually help you bypass some financial start up issues.

A small scare fishing Farming business in Nigeria is also as lucrative as the medium and large scale. The only deference is the profit margin.

How to Start a Medium Scale Fish Farm?

A medium scale fish farming in Nigeria can be a little bit expensive. But the profit it huge and rewarding.

You’ll need to have a well planned bsuines plan which will explain in details what your bsuines is all about.

Large scare fishing Farming business in Nigeria

This is the most capital consuming type of fish Farming you can ever start in Nigeria. If you have the capital, then venturing into large scare fish Farming in Nigeria will actual help you make a whole lot of cash in the next few month’s.

What are the List’s of things you’ll need before starting fish Farming in Nigeria?

I have listed all the things you will need if you want to start and run a successful fish farm in any State of Nigeria.

Kindly note the things I’ve mentioned below:

  • Lands
  • Adequate/Advanced Training by a professional in Agro allied businesses
  • Ponds
  • Borehole
  • Juvenile
  • Feeds
  • Overhead Tank
  • Fish medication
  • Business Certificate

What are the different Types of Fish Farming Business in Nigeria?

In other not to get you confused, I’d like to immediately inform you that many Nigerians prefers catfish farming in Nigeria more than any other types of fish Farming.

Fish Farming in Nigeria 2018

But, there are still other types of fish farming business in Nigeria that are currently giving just a few people millions monthly.  I’ll shoe you the different kinds of fish farms so many Nigerians build today. See them Below:

  • Catfish
  • Tilapia
  • Mackerel, etc.

Feasibility study on Fish Farming in Nigeria

Here, I’ll be doing some feasibility Study on the capital and profit Margin of a successful fish Farming business in Nigeria.

If you have questions on feasibility study, kindly comment below now.

I will be updating this post any time soon, if you want to get regular update about how to start a successful fish Farming business in Nigeria, kindly comment with your phone number and correct e-mail address. We’ll get in touch with you for Free.

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