Do you want to see How to make money on If yes, then See the 5 Millionaire Secret I’ve Revealed here.

Making money through Facebook is so simple, but it can be complicating if you don’t have a guide.

I’ll guide you today, so you’ll see the simple step by step I’ve followed to become a Millionaire through Facebook.

Gone are the days when people just login to Facebook to chat only. These days, many people are now making millions through Facebook on monthly basis.

I’ll show you everything you need to know on how to make cool cash from FB.

Before we continue, I’d like you to first of all start thinking of Facebook as a big business zone and not just a social network or social media platform as many people do call it.

Do you know that over 1 billion people use Facebook on daily basis to chat with Friend’s and loved ones? Do you also know that is the biggest social network on the internet today?

So you see? There’s  great market on Facebook.

Kindly realx and take a deep breath, I will show you the easiest way to break millions through Facebook this year (2018).

I know you’ll be thinking that, it’s only those that has stayed long on Facebook for long will be able to make money through it. No, even new user’s can as well.

So let’s start;

5 Way’s to make money on Facebook

Am not going to be filling your head with over 20 methods to make money through Facebook, no, i won’t do that at all.

I will only show you the best five methods I’ve been using. These methods works so fast.. But wait! It’s not an over night method, okay.

Selling Product

Here’s the First killer method, “The Product Line” this method involves selling of goods and services to Facebook user’s either through online or face to face sale’s.

I know you’ll be wondering this “what Kind of product will I sell on Facebook?” There are many things you can sell. I will break this down for your proper understanding below:

For example, You can start your own clothing line if you’re the type that loves fashion. Still on still, you can as well breakdown your clothing business to;

  • Shoes
  • Shirts and trousers
  • Polo (Round neck or Collar neck)
  • Male and Female Jeans and skirt’s
  • Male boxer’s and female underwars
  • Weeding gown and weeding suit’s
  • Babies and and many More.

Hope you’ve seen things you can sell on Facebook if you are the type that loves fashion?

However, I know that it’s not everyone that loves fashion or have vibe to sell fashion wears. So what you’ll do now is to start thinking of that Product you love so much.

Before we continue, get yourself a writing material now (A paper and Pen). Do you know why I said so? It’s because am about showing you what will change your life and earn you six figures on monthly basis through Facebook.

Now, get this right… Forget White collar Jobs!. Office workers earns peanuts. Do you want to earn millions or peanuts? (The choice is yours to make).

As a grandmaster of internet business, am confidently telling you today, that online business is the way forward. Some of the next generation of millionaires are now rising from online related businesses. So are you ready to join the ride while it’s still slow? If yes, then read the guide below:

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Facebook?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to add extra figures to your bank account through Facebook.

Here, all you’ll be doing is to search and find things created by other companies/online stores. Once you get them, join their affiliate network and start making money through your Facebook.

Good places where you can earn money a Facebook affiliate are;

  • Amazon
  • EBay
  • Jumia
  • Konga
  • Aliexpress
  • Walmart
  • GEICO insurance etc.

Once you’re on any affiliate program, copy your affiliate links and share with your Facebook friends.

If any of your friends buys anything on the website affiliate link you shared, you’ll get some commission/compensation.

How to make money on Facebook through direct Facebook Page or group advertising

Here, you’ll become your own boss. You’ll decide who much you’re going to charge for advert space on your Facebook page or group.

Let us assume that you already have up to 5 thousand Facebook fans on your special page or group. Then making money is Facebook is going to be more easier than ever for you.

What you’ll need to do is to place a notice on your Facebook page or group about your advert space. Where you’ll likely make more money is when you have people of same interest.

Now, they’ll contact you to place their business advert on your page, once that’s done, charge them and smile to the Bank.

How to make money on Facebook selling your own product’s?

All you’ll need to do, is to create a product you know your fans will defiantly like so much. The product can be a review about a popular celebrity in your country or even a story about a Senior politician or a successful businesswoman.

You can also create a book that contains address of the best cheapest and most expensive hotel’s in your state. When you do that, you’ll get tourist’s that’s buy from you. It’s that simple and easy.

You can as well earn heavily form Facebook by design and selling of art works.

How to make money on Facebook as a Bloggers?

Blogging is one of the lucrative online business you can ever engage in. If you’re a blogger, you can use Facebook to make more money to your bank account by following the step’s I’ve listed below now:

Sharing your blog post on Facebook with help you grow your audience

You’ll make your blog to become more populaet when you share it on Facebook

How can I start making money on Facebook in 2018

If you’re serious about making money on Facebook this year, then you’ll need to follow the simple guidelines below:

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