Here’s everything you need to know about Poultry Farming in Nigeria in 2018. I’ll show you the 8 Practical business Guides for Beginners Now. You’ll also see how to get a perfect business plan on Poultry Farming busines from Entrepreneur Lord

You’ll be seeing the complete guide on things required to start and run a successful poultry business in Nigeria.

I know you must have read a whole lot of things about poultry farming in Nigeria. But do you even know that poultry business doesn’t even end with chicken rearing? There’s more to it, I’ll be showing you everything about this business right on this page.

How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria?

Starting and running a poultry farming business isn’t as difficult as you may have thought before now. But there are still things you’ll need to put under consideration, I’ve listed them below:

Land – A land is the first things you need to put into consideration you want to venture into poultry in Nigeria. Sitting of your land will contribute in helping you make better profit.

The more open and safe your proposed land is, the more healthy and secure your chicks will be. Research has proven that Hen’s survive in  better in a good environment.

Housing – You’re going to be very careful with your housing. The kind of poultry house you construct will greatly dertmine the survival rate of your poultry business. The standard of Your poultry pen is everting.

  1. Deep litter
  2. Half litter and half slats
  3. Battery
  4. Semi-fold

Poultry Hens – Now, you’ll need to make good choice here. The kind of hens you choose will determine how you’ll be successful. However you’ll have to understand that all poultry farming in Nigeria are so lucrative. Other llivestock’s like; Goose, Duck, Turkey are also very easy to farm.

Let me shock your mind; Goose farming, Duck Farming and Turkey farming are so lucrative. But one issue’s we’re currently having in Nigeria today is that; many people prefer Chicken farming which comprises of Layer’s and broilers as the most lucrative poultry farming in Nigeria.

Types of Poultry business you can Start in Nigeria?

Here, you will see the different kinds of Poultry business you can venture into. I’ve listed all the business you can chose from below:

  • Layers Farming business in Nigeria
  • Broilers farming Business in Nigeria
  • Egg hatchery business in Nigeria
  • Poultry Feed production business

Poultry Farming in Nigeria 2018 – See 8 Practical Guides for Beginners Now!

Poultry Farming in Nigeria 2018 – See 8 Practical Guides for Beginners Now!

Here, I’ll be explaining in details what the different types of Poultry business I’ve mentioned above means. Kindly calm down and read the guides below:

Layers breeding – This type of Poultry Farming in Nigeria is all concerned about the production of Eggs for commercial consumption. If you focus on this type of Poultry business in Nigeria, you’ll make profit very well.

However, you can still check out other types of Poultry business below:

Broilers Breeding -This kind of hens farming is all concerned with the production of meat from chicks. Here, you won’t be concerned with age productions, all you’ll be focused with the production of meat from poultry products.

Egg Hatchery – This is now among the most lucrative poultry business in Nigeria today, many egg hatchers who are well experienced in egg hatching business are seriously making it big.

As an egg hatcher, your primary concern here will be buying and hatching of eggs. If you want, you will also start hatching business for other poultry farm owners.

Feed Production – Here, you’ll be more concerned in formulating poultry feeds. You can also go into production, wholesale or retailing of Poultry feed.

Now, I hope you’ve seen that poultry farming in Nigeria is broad? There are so many ways you can make money just by venturing into poultry business in Nigeria today.

What’s the Start up capital needed for Poultry Farming in Nigeria?

Here, I’ll discus the amount of money you’ll be needing if you want to venture into poultry business. However, you have to know that you can start Poultry Farming in Nigeria in any of the under listed scales:

Small scale Poultry Farming – Small scale farming is a kind of Poultry business in Nigeria whereby you start with small capital. In Small scare birds business, you’ll need to budget a very small amount of money.

You need to budgets from ₦70,000 {Seventy Thousand) to ₦100,000 {Hundred Thousand Naira).


Small scale Poultry Farming in Nigeria always involves the creation of Poultry house at the backyard of your House or a closest house within your area of resident.

Medium Scales -This is mainly the type of Poultry farm so many people are doing in Nigeria, more especially; in Lagos State, Rivers State (Port Harcourt), Bayelsa and Enugu State.

If you want to start a medium size Poultry Farming in Nigeria, you’ll need to budget around₦500,000 (Five Hundred thousand Naira) To₦4,000,0000 (Four Million Naira).


Before you can start a medium scale Poultry business in Nigeria, you’d need to put the under listed things into consideration:

Land (1-2 plots of lands will be okay)

Water Supply (Clean water is a most if you need your poultry hens to survive well).

Large Scale Poultry Farming – This kind of poultry business requires high amount of money. You’ll be needing a service of Poultry professional who will ensure that everything can be put in other.

You’ll need a large plots of land for large scale Poultry business.


Here, you’ll need to budget anything from ₦9,000,0000 (Nine Million Naira) to₦20,000,0000 (Twenty Million Naira).

What’s the Profit Margin?

Here, you’ll get to understand how profitable Poultry Farming in Nigeria can be. You’ll see the estimated amount you’ll get from your Poultry business.

A fully grown healthy chicken sells between 2,000 (Two Thousand Naira) to 2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira). Therefore, if you produce 12,000 Chickens in your farm, you will be making 24,000,000 (Twenty Four million Naira) by the time they are completely sold in the market.

A crate of eggs sells for ₦5000 (Five Hundred Naira) To ₦550 (Five Hundred and fifty Naira) for smaller eggs and ₦600 (Six Hundred Naira) To ₦650 (Six Hundred and Fifty Naira). for bigger ones. Each crate contains 30 eggs. Therefore, if you have 500 Layers that produces 12,000 pullet in a month and decides to sell all, you will be making 200,000 (Two hundred Thousand) to 260,000 (Two Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira) Every month.


You have to remember that in every business that they most be some downtime. Due to experience, I’ve found out that those who do poultry farming in Nigeria always get from 80% to 90% success. If anyone assures you 100% success in Poultry business in Nigeria, then you need to run. There’s no way you can get 100% success; that can only be archived in a science laboratory. Am just telling you the pure truth here.


Here, I will be giving you my lasts words on today tutorial about poultry farming in Nigeria and how to run it successfully.

You need to follow the below guides, it’s just a summary of everything I’ve been saying since. Read the guides below:

1) Get A land (You can use your backyard if you want to start small scale Poultry Farming in Nigeria.

2) Buy your chicken (Broilers or Layers)

3) Build a poultry House (A poultry house is otherwise known as a poultry Pen)

4) Register your business Name – This is a compulsory for any medium to large scare Poultry farm.

5) Buy Poultry equipments

6) Buy Feeds and medications for your poultry hens.

7) You’ll have to ensure you follow proper security measures.

8) The most important  thing you’ll need to understand about Poultry Farming in Nigeria is that; Marketing is King. The way you plan your marketing will determine how successful you’ll become in Poultry business.

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